School Sex Education Workshops

School Workshops

Elephant Ed school workshops are designed to run for 60 minutes for group sizes of up to 35 students. Our workshops are delivered by 1-2 facilitators, and provide for a stimulating and informal environment, challenging students through creative and relevant activities.

University Sex Education Workshops

University Workshops

Elephant Ed university workshops provide both refresher workshops and advanced workshops tailored for students aged 18+. We work with residential colleges, international student bodies and student unions to create more positive, safer and inclusive campus environments.

Parent Sex Education Seminars

Parent Seminars

We believe that a comprehensive sex education curriculum extends beyond the classroom setting. Our parent seminars take parents on the journey along with their children, and provide parents with actionable strategies to start open and effective conversations with their children.

Staff Sex Education Seminars

Staff PDs

Elephant Ed staff PDs provide teachers with valuable insight into current issues facing students. The PD provides teachers with the skills and knowledge to implement a whole-school approach to sex education, fostering a more positive school environment.